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Michelle Miner

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Custom Costume Deposit for Flip Flop Fly (Niki Lucia in google drive.... color changed from purple to light pink zsa zsa) total 5
Deposit $100x5
Balance of $733.60 duo upon completion includes 1 gross of stones size 20 per costume
Barbie top: light pink zsa zsa w/ black lace over
Fishline collar: black and goes around the neck, under arm and acros back of Barbie top
Drop waist organdy skirt: light pink zsa zsa black lace over. Black organdy
Gauntlets: black mesh, light pink mystique trim
Back now: light pink zsa zsa
Choker light pink zsa zsa
1 gross of 20ss per costume


Swing sweet pussy cat (7)
Exactly like website
Cheetah (jaguar foil) base and red mystique trim
Red Maribou shrug
1 gross of stones per costume
$213.12before tax


Customer Costume Deposit for Money (Niki Lucia in google drive) total 9
Deposite $100x9
Balance of $1215 duo upon completion unstoned
Covered bra:
CL-2 Keel, Kaelyn
CM-4 Abbi, Audrey, Brooke, Sophia
AXS-3 Hailey, Ella, Chandler

Pants: pleather
AXS-3 chandler, Ella, Hailey
CM-2 Sophia, Brooke
CL- 4 Audrey, Abbi, Keela, Kaelyn

Belt: all adult

Custom shrug: eggplant mesh
Same as top covered bra size

Hairpiece: chopsticks, tulle, sequin flower

Disclaimer: The sizes listed are as close as possible, but as with any item, they may vary. Returns can be made in the first 10 days of a transaction, but shipping costs are your responsibility.

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